Master craftsmen dedicated to hand-crafting the finest 18th and 19th century English reproduction furniture for your home or office...
Since 1948
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Trosby manufactures high quality bench made product to catalogue standards or bespoke products to the clients specifications.

The Construction of Trosby Furniture

The finest veneers from England and France are hand selected for items constructed in English Yewwood, Burr Ash, Burl Walnut, Mappa Burl, Rosewood, and Satinwood. Mahogany veneers are hand selected from Central America, South America, and Africa.

  • All moldings, solid and carved surfaces are of solid Mahogany. Each piece is colored by a master polisher to match the veneer of the item.
  • Each drawer is built with dovetailed corners, 1/4" solid Mahogany bottom that is center guided, grooved and blocked.
  • Each drawer or door has a solid brass lock and are keyed alike.
  • All hardware is solid antiqued brass.
  • Every piece of glass is individually cut and set by hand. There are no shortcuts in our construction process.
  • All carving and fretwork is done by hand. Trosby does not own a laser carver.

The Advantages of a Bench Made Product

  • No two items are ever exactly the same. Your client will never see a mass produced item with the Trosby plaque inside.
  • Bench made product is built by hand to the specification of your client.
  • Product can be customized and not extend the lead-time.
  • Old world craftsmanship is employed; therefore attention to detail is built into every piece.
  • If desired, the look of an antique can be produced with the assurance of product performance and functionality.

The Process of Bench Making

  • A factory designer produces shop drawings and cutting lists are created.
  • Veneers are selected and laid up by the cabinet maker.
  • First cut and pressing the veneers to the sub surface are done by a machinist.
  • The veneered surfaces are then returned to the cabinet maker for the building of the item specified.
  • Once the piece has been completed it is then sent to the polishing shop.

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