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French Polishing is the process of furniture finishing in which all procedures are hand applied without the use of any sprays.

The Advantages of French Polish

Old world craftsmanship is again employed in this process. Unlike a spray process, which sinks into the wood leaving obvious grains, French Polish will achieve a smooth "old look" patina or finish.

The craft of French Polishing, which begins in apprenticeship, is learned from the ground up for an average of five years. During this tenure the techniques learned are applied with the skill to color wood, match another piece of furniture, shade corners or drawers and other areas to simulate the aging process, or change a natural Mahogany color to appear as any other wood color.

No spray process is capable of achieving the depth and patina created by hand polishing.

The French Polishing process also makes it possible to spill soda, coffee, water, etc. and not mar the finish if wiped up in a reasonable time.

The Process of French Polishing
  1. The process begins with sanding and sealing the veneer, once the surface is prepared the desired color is applied.
  2. After the color is dry, the polisher builds a pad and applies the polish, which consists of shellac and linseed oil.
  3. Many applications are required to achieve the smooth "old look" patina.

A master polisher is able to work on ten to twelve pieces simultaneously, polishing or coloring one while the others are given adequate time for drying and hardening between the polishing applications.

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